Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Munted be thy middle name..or is it her's?? 

Hey Man,

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the new year and wish "The Undie Run"s (small and ever diminishing) readership all the best for 2007 , HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ( Sorry Zundie facts is facts my friend.)

Anyways.....the end of 2006 brought me alot of pleasure in terms of festive good will and friendship ....it even showed the possibilty of a blossoming romance for yours truly.

Until today.

Man she was so hot, just really nice ya know??

Working in a suburban shopping centre over the past 6 - 7 months has been a real shift for me in terms of environment and general work ettiqutte, a real eye opener with limitless opportunities............for a single dude like myself.

.....yeah this is where the love interest makes her entrance.

She works in a jewellery store and i noticed her ,ohh lets say....about a month ago, i was walking past and saw her setting up a display (or some shit) inside the shop window....."fuck man she's gorgeous" i thought to myself ( i was gonna say "Chundie" thought to himself, but talking in the third person is for cockheads man).

She returned my gaze...and it was well recieved...(.she's got these badass sexy as blue eyes, that make you wanna fall on the floor and have a fit everytime you look into them) and over the next few weeks , flirty glances, smiles and distant hello's were exchanged at will....

Twas the night before the night before christmas ( yes the 23rd) and i thought "allright you softcock put it on her"...(i mean ask her out) so around lunchtime i stumbled across her walking out for a durry brake, so i pulled her up, we talked a bit of shit (about christmas) and introduced ourselves.. i then suggested we should catch up sometime for lunch, which she accepted with open arms and told me just to drop in.

Fuckin' sweet....

As fate (and work commitments) would have it i couldnt "drop in" to the 29th ,the first day of my 5 day break...(yeah i know i was at work on my day off....chasing her....making it look like i had other shit to do as well) .

I saw her around 1.00 pm standing outside her shop..i wont go into what she was wearing, but she looked shit hot...so i hit her up (asked her out) and she said yeah but she had to wait.

I waited for an hour and a half..... i got tired of walking around my workplace...on my day off.. seeing people i know...looking like one of those despo fucks that hang around shopping centres...and i went back for the last time to which she told me to wait, but i couldnt..i was over it...and given the awkward situation i was in, the only possible solution was to pass on my number (hey i had to go man it was bad)...to which she took and apologised for fucking me around....and being so cunt struck...or in love...or whatever..... i didn't mind.

5 days passed...and guess what......yeah no call..not even a new year's message!

Fuck...what did i do...or didn't do??

I realize i might have broken the rules of engagement, as Zundie pointed out to me (but really, in 2007 who gives a toss, arnt we all equality n' stuff..... another time) but i didnt care, what was my alternative...to hang around like a love sick puppy....fuck that.

So on the 3rd of January i swallowed my pride and strolled in there again....in my lunch break...and in my time again...to ask her if she was hungry...ever so casual...with tongue planted firmly in cheek ...to which she replied "i cant, too busy" i frowned playfully and she came over talked some crap about her new years party and how it was the same day as her birthday...and ohh yeah, how i should know she has a boyfriend!!! what the?? and how we can still go for lunch.??...ahh no missy we cant...i rejected..she came closer, looked at me with those badass sexy as blue eyes, "are you sure?" she said with a wink.

Ok so about now a mixture of emotions is flowing freely within my munted soul.. confusion...heartbreak ..but mainly disgust....fuck man i didnt know if she thought she was doing me a favor or suggesting she would cheat on her boyfriend.??....either way , i didnt handle it well i shook my head at her, mumbled something and walked out.

Keep in mind that this is my interpretation of events....and i'm not, generally, a diluted sort of guy.

For the record....i dont cut grass...it's a dog act ...and would be pissed if i had a missus that cheated on me.

She is so hot though man.

Fucking minx.

I am positive i had the right impression....just at the wrong time

What a bastard of a way to start the new year.........

Keep up the good work.
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