Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Holy Unshaven Upper Lips Batman! 

Movember has reached unfathomoble popularity this year, It used to be just this little thing a few of your moronic mates did, and now, you can't walk down the street without a moustache staring you in the face, they are quite literally TAKING MOVER!!!!
Most guys I mo are doing it, hell even the other two writers are doing it, and sweet Moses some women are doing it too! I don't mo what to do, grow a mo, or just go with my original plan and stay mo-less for this month?
Are any of these people even raising money for prostate cancer or male depression? If they aren't then whats the freaking point, other than to look like Ron Jeremy for a month.
I fear next Movember, there will be a world wide campaign that will be supported with advertising and more media attention than any other cause, but of course like at the moment, the charity side of it will become secondary to the actual task of growing the mo and before we mo it, November will be renamed Movember and it will be law to grow your mo, and not doing mo will result in the most severe punishmonts you could imogine.
If you are participating in this month long horror show, please remember to raise some money for the causes you are supposedly supporting, don't just do it for the sake of it, the consequences will morph our society as we mo it.

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