Thursday, November 02, 2006

Breast Cancer Month 

Okay, now that October (aka “breast cancer month”) is over, can we please stop packaging otherwise desirable consumer products in pink packaging?

I’ve got nothing against breast cancer research. In fact, I’m all for healthy boobs! And will generally throw change in a bucket or buy a ribbon for any flavour of cancer, or whatever the cause of the day happens to be.

Something I don’t do however, is wear pink. I don’t care if it’s a polo shirt with the collar up or the lid on a Mount Franklin bottle. If it’s pink I’m not going there.

Some people may suggest this anti pink policy is slightly homophobic. I say blokes who’re into pink are poofters!

Okay maybe that poofter bit was harsh, but wearing pink isn’t particularly masculine. No self respecting aussie bloke is going to opt for anything in pink. That extends to your newspaper, your tomato sauce bottle, and your Dove moisturiser.

So what’s a bloke to do? Shun breast cancer or look like a fairy? Sorry breast cancer, you lose.

If you disagree. If your into pink. If you think I’m being disrespectful to breast cancer. Ask yourself this; how would you feel about having a bowel cancer month with everything packaged in brown?

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