Monday, September 27, 2004

I couldn't give a rats 

I'm sorry loyal viewers but I'm bailing out of this site
"but why Bundie, why must you go?" I hear you ask
well heres a small list of reasons I can't be fuct keeping up this site anymore
-I honestly don't care anymore
-I get nothing from writing
-Zundie doesn't update it anyway
-I honestly don't care anymore
-I left the stove on
-I have better things to do
-Noone visits the site
-I honestly don't care anymore
-If anyone does visit the site they sure as hell don't take the time to comment
-It's a half arsed site anyway
-Bloggers are strange people and I'm not one of them
-I honestly don't care anymore

and with that I shall leave, but I shall leave you with a CD review, I may or may not be back, don't wait up for me :)


Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Live in Hyde Park"
I'm a big Chili Peppers fan, They never set a foot wrong with me, until lately. RHCP have avoided releasing a new album since they released "By The Way" but what they have released is "Off The Map" (live concert DVD), "Greatest Hits", "Live at Slane Castle" (live concert DVD) and "Live in Hyde Park" (The album I am currently reviewing), which all have one thing in common; They all feature all the old songs and singles with about 2 or 3 new songs to make them feel like they are releasing new albums, F'N SELLOUTS!!!!! Nah I don't care that much, "..Hyde Park" probably would have been a very cool concert to go to, but listening to a recording of it doesn't cut it justice. The Chili's have a big habit of improvising and when you are AT the concert its cool but listening to the fuck ups over and over again gets annoying, especially some of the bad improvs that almost ruin a song, The most annoying improvs are the ones that are just jam outs from songs that go for ten minutes that are generally messy, sloppy and unnessessary, especially the song "Flea's trumpet treated by John" which has John Frusciante jamming with an effect on his guitar that sorta sounds like a trumpet for a good solid 9 minutes, very boring. The new songs and the cover songs are all good and sound alright, especially the new almost single "Leverage of Space" that song rocks, John Frusciante's "I Feel Love" is very headachey yet catchy, .
All and all "Live in Hyde Park" is a pretty lame album, It feels like they made it so they can have a few more songs to put on an upcoming "B-Sides" album that is RUMOURED to be coming out for christmas, and I will be writing a letter to Flea if they release one more fucking greatest hits live album.
4/10. If you are a psycho RHCP fan like myself, buy it, if you are any less, don't bother, when you could buy an album like...

Green Day - "American Idiot"
With the latest string of pop/punk/emo/wussy bands that have been coming out lately (Simple Plan, New Found Glory, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, etc) it's refreshing to see that one band that were the founders of the pop punk genre coming back out and showing the kids how it is done. It is very much a Green Day album with the added "story" theme in which a couple of songs are divided into 5 epic parts and it talks about a character called Jesus ofSuburbia. Green Day have stuck to the style they are popular for but they have improved on their writing abilitys musically and ESPECIALLY lyrically, Billy Joes political interest has given the music new dimension.
8/10. They have matured as musicians but they are still cocky punks, ROCK ON GREEN DAY

Quick reviews

Franz Ferdinand - self titled. 3.5/10 Buy the "Take me Out" single, the rest of the songs are pretty crap.

Eskimo Joe - "A song is a city". 8/10 They used to suck so hard, but they rock now.

Bad Religion "Empire strikes first" 7/10 Another Bad Religion album that you can't help but love.

So there ya go im gone


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