Monday, August 30, 2004

Bundie's Movie Review 

Yes it is review time again, and yesterday I took a spontanious trip to the local theatre to check out the latest film from the Wayans brothers.
White Chicks
2 F.B.I agents are assigned a mission to take care of 2 rich, blonde bimbos but some accidents happen and the 2 agents have to disguise themselves as the girls. The Wayans brothers are infamous for their parody's Scary Movie 1 & 2 and I loved their humour in both those films and the fact they weren't writing a parody this time made me even more impressed so I expected a lot from this film, and evidently none of my expectations were met. The film starts out with a killer of an opening scene, but it seems as the movie went on, less and less effort was put in to make it a good comedy, it had potential but it just divebombed. The humour is the only thing that saved this film, although it is all mostly dick jokes & black jokes, it still gave me a couple of immature giggles (the 11 year old behind me couldn't stop laughing about 10 minutes after the lactose intollerance joke ended). I reckon the Wayans just needed a bit more time working on this film, It looked very rushed, I hope they put more thought into their next film than they did this one, cause you know a film isn't that good when you actually want to leave before it is over.
4/10 See it when your stoned, I wish I did.


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Lie Detectors 

I've been saying it for hell knows how long...

If Reality TV shows can afford to get lie detectors in as part of a segment, then surely we can afford to have them somewhere more useful like in the courts and in politics.

...And finally, Mike Scrafton has picked up on this, this guy has officially opened up a new door in politics, now we will see politians voluntarily take lie detector tests in order to prove their truth in a big public fashion. I welcome it with open arms, I'm suprised that it has only just happend and it does not suprise me that Honest John won't be living up to his stupid nickname and taking one of these tests, nope instead he is calling it a big public spectacle, and he said "The issue is irrelevant to the time, and the Australian public are sick of hearing about it". Well Johnny, it is now relevant to the time, because someone has decided to come out and make a ballsy move to prove you wrong, and the Australian public are interested in it once again as a result of that, I think you and your cronies are the only ones sick of hearing about it.

I also think they should install lie detectors in pubs and bars, it will settle so many arguments between friends that usually result in broken furniture (that belong to the pub).


Monday, August 16, 2004

Bundie's DVD Review  

As I am now a writer for this site, I have decided to post frequent reviews of Movies, CD's, DVD's etc. I'll have the basic "out of ten" rating system to go with it.

So to kick this little feature off I will review "The Butterfly Effect", "The Night We Called It A Day", "Dickie Roberts", and "The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata"

The Butterfly Effect
This is one of the best films I have ever seen, if you haven't seen it BUY IT! The basic concept of the film is this guy Evan grows up with this mental disease that causes him to black out and not have any knowledge of what had happend during his blackouts. When Evan grows up he finds a way to go back and be in the scenes he missed due to his blackouts, and also change the scenes to better the life of his friends and love interest. This may sound like a lame time travel film, but seriously it is far from that, this is one of those films that has you trapped right from the start, There was obviously alot of emotion poured into this film, so much that you feel emotionally involved with the characters within the first 10 minutes and you feel for these characters throughout the film.This is wierd for me to say but for me personally, I wasn't expecting a happy ending, I WANTED a happy ending, and while the ending isn't exactly happy, you feel a sence of completeness when the film ends and you feel VERY satisfied with the outcome. The special features are excellent aswell, there's 2 featurettes on the film (writing the film and the special FX) and there are 2 doco's on Chaos Theory and Time Travel. And on another personal note I reckon Ashton Kutcher played this part very well, It made me forget about his days playing "the idiot" on That 70's show and Dude where's my car?
10/10. It's original, controversial, thrilling and a must see film.

The Night We Called It A Day
This movie is based on when (the late) Frank Sinatra came to tour Australia and all the events that took place while he was here, and I don't know alot about Frank Sinatra's little visit, and I reckon the writers didn't know alot about it either. The film started out really good, it took the point of view of the tour promoter and how he had to deal with Frank's outbursts towards the media, and his constant refusing to apologize to those offended results in unions turning against him, forcing him to be locked down in his hotel suite. The last 20 minutes is where the movie floats into the "safe" ending making it all turn to shit, Frank proposes to his mistress, the tour promoter runs off from Frank's performance to be with his love interest because "You don't get second chances", and Mr Sinatra leaves here on good terms... GET F*CKED!!! As far as I knew it, Frank said he would never step foot in Australia again and he left with bitterness and hatred towards the country, why do writers have to lie to us? Oh yeah special features are basically non-apparent.
3/10 Not worth the rental cost, I recommend waiting until it becomes a 3 nighter before renting, but I guarentee that you will give it back before the first night.

Dickie Roberts
I didn't expect this movie to be any good but it suprised me to be quite a hilarious, well-rounded film. Basically Dickie Roberts was a hugely popular child actor who is now an out of work actor who either gets snobbed or laughed at. In order for him to get a particular movie role he has been advised to try and redo his childhood so he can be in touch with the world again. The humour is what you can expect from David Spade, but you find yourself in stitches at some of his one liners and his antics, you may yawn at some of the predictability in the storyline, but the comedy definatly makes up for it. The cameos are a great addition to the movie, There is a scene at the beginning where Dickie is playing poker with former child stars (Including Greg Brady, that bass player from the partridge family, and Screech from Saved By The Bell), and there is also a song during the films credits where about 30 forgotten child (and adult!) actors are singing about how irritating people are when they say "Hey aren't you...". The DVD's special features are great to watch aswell, there is a featurette on the former child stars who appeared in this film which is very hilarious.
7.5/10. David Spade's comedy is at it's best in this film, it certainly makes up for the films predictable outcome and it's definatly worth seeing

The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata
Yeah I know most of you wouldn't even think of hiring it but I'm a kid at heart so I did! The 3rd installment of the Lion King trilogy shows the events of the first Lion King film in the eyes of Timon and Pumbah. It shows you how Timon and Pumbah met and it gives a more in depth look into their relationship with Simba when they took him under their wing. It's not like the movie was good or bad, it's just there if you want it, much like the Lion King 2 or the sequals to Aladdin and Pocahontas. It actually reminded me ALOT of the Timon and Pumbah spin off series that came out when I was about 10. The special features disc is packed with stupid games that keep you addicted for ages, definatly alot longer than the film goes for, and the featurettes are entertaining for what they are worth.
5/10 It's not a sequal, it's not a prequal, so does that make it an "Equal"? Rent it for a kid and watch it with them if you don't want to look like a wierd-o.

So there you go, the first of many reviews to come, and just remember, these are just my opinions, I welcome any critism with open arms!!!


Saturday, August 14, 2004

The Aussie Film Industry 

Australian films are shit. There is no better way to put it.

Whenever I go to a cinema to watch an Aussie film, I come out of the movie with the feeling that I am being choked by the obsurd amount of cliches the writers include in their films.
You'll notice every film has to have 1 or more of the following things:

* People that are worlds apart. 2 people that have nothing in common and would never normally be friends (usually a serious character and a funny character) have to work together to solve the problem in the film and they end up liking eachother in the end because we can't have the film end on an unhappy note now can we?

*A disagreement between the 2 main characters which tears them apart for about 5 minutes (or however long the Rufus Wainwright ballad goes for) and they become friends again so the movie ends on a happy note.

*Everyone pointing guns at eachother (which is odd seeing as though if you want to get a gun in Australia you have to either be a cop or f**k a cop)

*THE BIG SECRET. You know what I'm talking about, When the main character has a secret they are keeping away from everyone (and it's always something petty like they love someone) and they go through the entire movie trying their best to keep the secret and they'll always reveal it at the end when there is a big group of people around and the main character will reveal that they love whatshisname, there will be 10 seconds of suspenceful silence until the 2 embrace and pash, followed by a slow clap, followed by everyone else clapping, followed by the next point...

*LOVE, The movie almost always has to have 2 people falling in love or having a baby or getting married at the end, WHY!?!?!?! It's not neccessary and it's so over used that it has become stupid. Why don't we get to see some post marriage stuff like when they are filing for divorce because they don't love eachother anymore and they stupidly rushed into love because (once again) the writers had to make the movie end on the happiest note possible

Those are just 5 of many clichés in the Aussie film industry and notice most of them exist so the film can end on a happy note, well to that I say, SCREW ENDING ON A HAPPY NOTE!!! Harvey Krumpet didn't exactly end on a happy note and the bloody thing was an international success!

I'm not saying ALL films should end with sadness, I just think Aussie writers should stop being afraid to end their films on an unhappy note, Take a risk goddamn youse! I want to watch an Aussie film and be proud of it for being entertaining and original, while writers are getting better at making entertaining films they are about 1200kms far from being original.

The whole thing is worrying for me cause I personally want to get into the Australian film industry but people keep telling me “oh its so hard” “You have to have the best marks to get in” “you’ll need to put in so much effort” etc. but I don’t think any of those things are true. Why you ask? Cause if the standards were as high as people say, then the Australian wouldn't churn out such incredibly shit films.


Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I am Bundie, hear me roar 

I dunno how to introduce my first post, so I'll make it quick hi i'm Bundie, the new writer for this site.
i'll think of something more important to post within the next day or two.
so yeah, HI ......


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