Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Now don’t be alarmed by that heading, the internet isn’t about to explode.

Watching the news, I have just seen the latest on that United Airlines flight that turned back to Sydney the other day, due to an “on-board bomb threat”. The latest on this is that the “bomb threat” wasn’t so much a bomb threat, more just the letters “B O B” written on an air sick bag.

The ever-vigilant flight crew decoded this obvious terrorist threat, and realizing it must have stood for “Bomb On Board” turned the plane around.

So they dumped 150,000 litres of fuel, delayed the travel of 300 passengers and fired up Sydney Airport’s various terrorist response systems because Bob labelled his sick bag?

Police are apparently still trying to find who is responsible for the message. I’m not entirely sure why they would bother finding the person responsible. What are they going to charge him with? Littering? Although when it comes to “terrorists” finding a charge isn’t really essential, they could always ship him off to Guantanamo Bay. No need for a charge there.

Well poor old Bob must be really shitting himself over this one. I bet he never again attempts to take advantage of one of those film processing discounts.


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Big Brother 4 Finale 

With many tears, much celebration and Gretel wearing possibly the most hideous outfit ever, Big Brother 4 came to a massive conclusion last night. Trevor was the winner, as I predicted here on day 1. And he proposed to his girl friend, Breea, as I also predicted here.

It was a controversy filled series, with most the controversy going on out-side the house; Merlins little statement, Bree’s eviction and re-instatement, Ryan’s “mls.” t-shirt vote rigging thing, the virtual Big Brother point scam, and the Up-Late competition scam, etc, etc.

The series definitely provided us with an interesting array of housemates. I don’t think we have ever seen anyone as funny as Fryzie, no one has ever gotten away with being a prick to the extent Paul did, Merlin and his tape thing was good value and I’m glad Aphrodite was booted first.

I think the most disappointing character of series 4 was Big Brother himself. As many may not have realised, Peter Abbott who was Big Brother / Executive Producer for the first 3 series’ was replaced by Kris Noble this year. I’m not sure of the circumstances surrounding this but I urge Big Brother management to get Mr Abbott back for next year.

Big Brother’s relationship with the housemates was poor. The housemates feared him, cringed whenever he called their names and seemed to dislike all visits to the diary room. He was regarded much like a school principal. The housemates this year broke far more rules and were issued far more strikes than in any previous series’, which I think speaks volumes about the low respect level and poor relationship they obviously had with Big Brother.

Anyway, it’s all said and done now. The housemates had their 15 minutes and can all feel free to fad back into obscurity. And I can have my life back.


Monday, July 26, 2004

Zundie’s Hot Tip 

I don’t give out hot tips very often, so when I do; Get on!

I reckon when Trev wins (as if Bree has a hope in hell) Big Brother 4 tonight he will propose to his girl friend, Breea on the show.


Sunday, July 25, 2004

Time to Find Out the Hard Way 

As I’ve probably mentioned, I’m more of a blog reader than a blog writer and something I’ve noticed but never asked about is why bloggers always avoid one particular word.

Blogs that seldom make typos, preach correct use of the English language and don’t seem to care what anyone thinks of them will not only misspell this word, but also replace a letter with a number every time they use it.

The word in question is not a rude word, well it relates to rude stuff, but the word itself is certainly not a swear word. Besides most blogs will drop “fucks” and “cunts” like they’re nothing, so I don’t think the bloggers are trying to make their sites any less offensive or family friendly.

I could live to regret this, but I need to type this particular word into a post, just to see what happens. So here goes...

The word is PORN! Yes, that’s right porn! Why does everyone who owns a blog always write it as pr0n?

Just in case you missed it the first time: PORN! Porno! Pornography! Dirty Donkey Porn!

So now I’ve done it. I’ve used the word porn, that word again; porn. Now we can all sit back, watch and learn what effect saying porn has on a blog.

I’ve got a feeling The Undie Run is about to become a lot more interesting.


Thursday, July 22, 2004

Welcome Bundie 

Hello all. Bet you weren’t expecting to hear from me any time soon? Well I just couldn’t keep away from the place. HA!
After being inundated with comments on my “3 Week Fad” post begging and pleading for me to keep blogging I felt like I should try and keep The Undie Run alive, if only for the happiness of my army of loyal and devoted of readers.
What I have done to achieve this is found another writer (I use the term “writer” very, very loosely) to help contribute to The Undie Run. He (reckons he) will contribute both often and regularly. He also claims to be capable of writing that will be witty, interesting and relevant. I’ll be happy if he can manage witty, lord knows I struggle. And as for interesting and relevant… I think my site meter says it all.
Anyway back to the point, I’m here to introduce you to someone. This little someone is my little brother. Unfortunately he happens to be a teenager, but please don’t hate him for it. Read his writing. Give him a chance. Then you can hate him with fair cause and good reason.
Ordinarily I’d never allow anyone as uninteresting, uneducated, lazy, and uninspiring contribute to my blog, but given that I am on the verge of abandoning the whole thing I figured I have nothing to loose.
So welcome aboard Bundie!

 P.S. Reader’s – If he’s shit, just let me know and I’ll fire his arse.


Saturday, July 17, 2004

3 Week Fad’s  

Well, well, well. Who would’ve thought I’d just kind of loose interest in blogging?
Anyone who knows me that’s who.
Something you must understand about me is that I have these little fads. Ideas enter my feeble little brain and I decide to act on them, shortly before getting bored and getting over it. The soul product of my existence is nothing more than a vast assortment of unfinished and neglected hobbies/activities/careers/lifestyles that I have quit in the early stages.
The pursuits vary enormously, however the process does not. Every time it goes something like;

1. I have the idea.
2. I start revolving my life around it.
3. I spend all my savings on junk to support it.
4. I start the hard work involved to make it happen.
5. Said work gets too hard/boring.
6. I quit.
To give you some idea of the sorts of things I’m on about, here are, in no particular order, some of the pursuits I have briefly made the focus of my life, before giving up a failure:
Learn to ride a unicycle.
Be a drummer.
Move to the USA
Drive around Australia
Become a copper.
Be an Olympic swimmer
Be an Olympic skier
Start a television network
Be a professional footballer
Have Pickles eliminated from McDonald’s burgers
Learn to juggle
Become a champion yo-yoer
Design pool tables
Do up an old car
Go to university
Run a market stall
Create a religion
Become a judo black belt
Run a charitable foundation
Play the share market
Renovate houses
Work on a tropical island
Create world peace 
Be a landscaper
Win a Christmas light competition
Be a chef
Design Lego models
Split an atom
Back-pack around the world
Be a mafia dude
Unite Africa
Bed a supermodel
Start a clothing label
Breed Rabbits
Set a world record for Hot Dog consumption.
Become a highly respected and highly priced business consultant.
Collect shot glasses
Construct a motocross track
Create stuff on a timber lathe
Become a helicopter pilot
Be a poet/songwriter
Find a surviving Thylacine
Run a Pirated CD Racket
Help the homeless
Terrorize several former teachers/employers
Get off the drugs
Sell Fish
Now that you understand the “3 Week Fad” Here’s how it affects you, my readers. I haven’t posted a blog entry in almost a month and really don’t have any real desire to post again which leads me to think that blogging is probably yet another one of my many 3 Week Fad’s.
Of course there is every possibility my interest in blogging will reignite, if so I will start posting again but if you don’t hear from me again, I am not dead, or trapped under a mountain of recycling. Rather, I am just engrossed in whatever meaningless thing I want to be/do next.


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